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For most of us known as Svartzonker

A nick name taken after a classical fly pattern which he fell in love with during his early years fishing in Strömmen, Stockholm.

Claes isn’t “just” a sportfisherman, tv-personality, entrepreneur, bait builder and a dad. He has also had the time to practice as a chef, managed restaurants worked as a teacher/special needs education and to establish a collaboration with Abu Garcia.

He founded Svartzonker Sweden, a company that produce (abroad), develop and sell baits, rods, fishing gadgest and so on. During 2015 Claes starred in a Volvo Cars advertisement. When it comes to bait building, Claes is seen as one of the father figures regarding the joy of creating your own lures and has in some ways set a standard in wood and rubber lures with for example his models McTail, McRubber, Ticsaren, Squarepusher and many more.

Claes Claesson


When did you start working?
Started 2005, the rest is history

Where do you live?
Stockholm, Sweden

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The Story

How did your interest for fishing start?

I was about 6-7 years old and it was through coarse fishing with my grandfather. I believe my first fish was a perch that I caught floatfishing with a worm as bait. But my true obsession came during a summer break and a trip to Åland. Everyone was catching pike but me, that was extremely rough. I think that is what contributed most to the stubbornness I have today.

I made some crankbaits around the year 2000, and they caught a few pike. After that I built my first tail bait around the year 2003. If they where any good? Well they caught a lot of fish but looked nothing like my baits do today.


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