Baitlove is a showroom for unique Pike Lures and Bait Builders

The creators of Baitlove.com is two lures and pike enthusiasts. Baitlove was started by Klas Skoglund and Mattias J Fors 2015

The idea has origin from Klas Skoglund who during 2015 let Mattias J Fors in on his lure and bait building ideas which he had put much thought behind during a long period of time.

An idea that got Matte go running on all cylinders. From idea to reality Baitlove.com is now a showroom for unique 
Pike Lures and Bait Builders.

Founder of the sportfishing blog ThePikeFather since 2012. Dedicated Pike fisherman with a great interest in everything when it comes to baits, lures, gadgets and gear. Since May 2016 he is Gear Editor at the Swedish sport fishing magazine Fiskejournalen.

• Sat on the Board for the Swedish Pike Club during 2015.
• Bait builder in hard bait as soft bait.
• Lives in Stockholm, Sweden

Of course a member of Sportfiskarna.

Dedicated Pike sport fisherman with a passionate about everything around Pike fishing. A big fan of spreading the word around when it comes to Catch & Release and sustainable fishing for youngsters aswell as more experienced elder fishermans. Is also a driven Art Director with a solid background within the advertising agency world.

• Has been a member and active for the Swedish Pike Club since 2009.
• Sat on the Board for Swedish Pike Club between 2012 – 2015.
• Lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
• Devotes all of his time to fishing, his daughter and his cats.

Of course a member of Sportfiskarna.


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